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Trickball is a nice arcade game resembling old classics
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Trick Ball is a 2D arcade game by 300 AD. The game was developed using Garagegame's Torque Game Builder. The game combines physics and puzzle levels to create a new type of game play. As the developer's description states, this is some sort of mixture between pool and arcanoid. Although a closer real world example would be curling.
You have a disc which you can aim and shoot with different strength. With this disc you should displace other discs, marbles or remove blocks that prevent you from doing this. The full version of the game includes over 60 different scenarios, although many of them are just variations of others. In addition to this, you also have different power ups that change the physics of the game, accelerate your disc, slow it down. There are also some explosive power ups hidden in the game. Even though the game was made with Torque Game Builder, the graphics looks outdated, and the TGB developer environment was not removed from the game. It is accessible if you know the keys it uses.
In the end, this is a good arcade game with a different type of game play.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Ingenious game-play


  • Graphics looks outdated
  • Torque Developer environment is still activated
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